Direct Mail Life Insurance Leads

As the Direct Mail Lead market takes another big hit by all the changes and new USPS happenings. As of March 2012 there will be more and more nationwide closings of offices and the laying off of thousands of mail carriers.

What this means to you and to us… The leads will be generated at a higher price and at a slower pace. Simple supply and demand factor. Too much demand to little leads. So your best bet is to get plugged in with a lead generator or lead accumulator and work with them as many companies will stop taking new clients and work exclusively with the agents or agencies that have the market cornered. As it stands it is best to work one of the following types of leads.

The Best Lead is to get it fresh, so if you are already connected with someone that is producing a Brand New lead for you increase your order or extend your order to keep your place secured. You have to make sure that your lead is not being resold after 3 to 4 weeks to other agents. If this is the case you are better off with some of the other leads discussed in this article. If this is the case you might be better off looking for a new home that really values your efforts and does not resell your customers to your competition.

3 Other types of Leads:

First… 3 to 9 month old historical… Direct Mail… Life or Mortgage Protection Lead, this lead will best suit you if your current provider resells their Fresh Lead, this lead will give you the opportunity to talk to buyers that have bought that are looking for a better price or they just have been shopping around for a while, that way is hard for another agent to replace any of your business.

Second… 10 to 18 month old historical… Direct Mail… Life or Mortgage Protection Lead, which you can compare this ONE LEAD to what the competition calls a “C” lead… that… like the “B” lead also gets resold 3000 times! This will give you the opportunity to approach the customer from a consultative side and look for other opportunities besides what they were originally offered, for example, you might have a better product, a better rider, more cash accumulation, longer term, less expensive, more service and many other benefits that you can offer. Many times you will find Gold Nuggets here, a lot of times the customer was never even contacted in the first place.

And Finally… Internet leads, this are best bought in bulk and for a very affordable price, they come with all information about the client… which includes, DOB, HT, WT, Address, email, and Time stamp, showing you when they requested the information for life insurance coverage. One recommendation for this type of lead is to have a power dialer or auto dialer for you to get the most out of this type of leads. You need to buy more than 1000 to 5000 at a time at no more than.35 cents per lead. This leads will have an average sell through ratio of about 1.5% so a $200.00 dollar investment can potentially generate a $2000.00 to $4000.00 return.

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