Finding the Perfect Pair of Custom Wooden Shutters

Are you an art lover or enthusiast? Do you like collecting and appreciating various beautiful works of art? So you feel like your home is missing that traditional flair? If that is your case, then you should try wooden shutters.

External shutters are not just decorative; they are available in various designs and styles. These shutters are customizable and could make your home look unique. It can also serve as a form of protection against harsh weather conditions. That’s not all. Some of them are operable, practical, and aesthetically pleasing to look at. As fun as all of these sound, you can only enjoy them if you get the perfect pair of shitters. Not to worry, though. This article will help you do that. Read on for more exciting information.

There are many practical and aesthetic benefits from quality wooden shutters.

You wouldn’t have leakage problems
When you use high-quality wood such as mahogany, unlike lesser quality wood, air from inside won’t leak out from the crack. Since you won’t haven’t fixed this regularly, you’d save more and spend less on utility costs.

Protection from harsh weather conditions
Using practical and operable shutters is excellent for handling extreme climates like summer. You can decide to keep them closed so the cooler air stays in. During winter, they can remain closed to prevent the loss of warm air from the inside. Wooden shutters are highly efficient and adaptable.

Aesthetic benefits
Windows are usually dull and are often not extraordinary to look at, but when you use timber shutters, it gives your home a more sophisticated look. If you’re looking to give your home a classic, chic, and almost vintage feel, try wooden shutters.

The kind of wooden shutters you want is also based on the design and architecture of the house. You’ll get compliments when you make use of these kinds of custom shutters.

How to choose quality wood

High-quality wood has FAS or other qualifications such as 2FAS or CLEAR. Wooden materials like cedar, teak, and oak have high quality and would certainly last longer. Different wood serves different purposes, and some woods like cedar are even resistant to insects such as termites and fungi such as molds. The better the quality, the more long-lasting it would be. Plus, you wouldn’t spend so much on the cost of repairs or getting another when you use high-quality wood.

Steps to customize your shutters

You need to select the most appropriate design and style of wooden shutters for your home. There are the different kinds of custom made shutters and what they are most suitable for

Louvered shutters are used to keep the house cool during summer and improve aeration.
Bermuda-type- If you’re in a hurricane-prone area, you should go for this.
Board and batten- this is ideal for sun and rain protection.
Although all these different kinds have their benefits and disadvantages, if you ensure that hard quality wood is used, you would not have any problems, especially with leakage.

After choosing the kind of shutter, decide on style and design. You can contact a shutter company that would give you expert advice on the designs to go for, and if you’re artsy enough, you could make your designs. You can also decide to paint it.


Think of choosing your pair of wooden shutters as an exciting activity. With the basic knowledge you’ve gained from this article and your inner creativity, you’d do just fine. Good luck to you

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