List Building Using Article Marketing – The Long Term Payment Plan Process

I am aware that for a number of people, the view being held is that article marketing is all about taking your time to write an article for someone’s website and you receive no financial reward for it! Let me assure you that whist you are privileged to hold your view, it is in fact an incorrect assumption and I hope to clarify the issue behind article marketing here.

If you were to look at the above view in its own right, you might be forgiven for thinking that way. However, it is in fact a case of forward thinking that makes article marketing so powerful. Let me explain it this way:

When you write an article, you hopefully are providing valuable information to help the reader solve a problem. After all, they will have found your article by browsing an article directory, or even done a direct search on a major search engine. Either way, when they find the article, they will hopefully be interested enough to read it through, given that you have written your article with passion and enthusiasm. By the end, they will read your resource box which will direct the reader to find more information on your website.

Now, whist you may not receive a cent from the article directory in a direct sense, you will gain an article that is live on the internet, and that is pointing a link back to your website. This article may also even be picked up and published in a newsletter or on another website that already has a large readership. You now have even more eye-balls trained on your article, and possibly, to your site. I look at article marketing like investing in your business. You may not see an immediate return, but you will receive a return, sometimes greater than any short-term gain. You can also be sure your article will work long-term, rather than just for one pay per click campaign, as an example.

It is for this reason that I call article marketing a long-term payment plan process, to me and my business. You too, can begin to reap the rewards of these payments. I understand you need to first invest your time to write, but the returns really are worth the investment. Consider this- you’re writing about a topic you know about. You are not required to research a totally foreign concept and when you treat it like talking to a friend, you should find the process is much easier.

This process is one I have used for many years, writing articles for directories as well as for my own blogs and other sites on the net, and to this day, the results still yield positive results.

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