Vertical Blinds for Difficult Windows – Questions Answered

Vertical blinds are often regarded as functional, versatile, and a more modern window furnishing idea. This is because they tend to give homes and offices a more stylish and austere look. In addition to that, they help to control or limit the amount of sunlight that enters a room. They also protect the owner’s privacy. The benefits are just too numerous.

As helpful as all the things listed above sound, these custom made blinds could also come with some difficulties, especially if the user does not have sufficient information to ease their experience with the blind. Thankfully, this article will help fix this problem and enhance your experience with vertical blinds.

Here are the common problems and questions about vertical blinds and proffered solutions

Vertical blinds on French doors
French doors are undoubtedly very chic and bring a lot of aesthetic appeal to a home. When vertical blinds are placed on them, swinging and entanglement can occur. The issues could have a bad effect on the appearance of the interior blinds. What you can do to solve this problem would be to make sure the vertical blinds are larger than the door, push them towards the sides, and use a tie-back to clear the opening.

Losing a perfect view
Are these blinds spoiling those perfect and serene views? Like a nearby garden, the view of the ocean, or even watching the sunset. If you’ve not gotten the blinds yet, you can get one that has a small stacking space. Since the side stack will be small, you would have a better view, unlike having larger stacking spaces.

You can make use of vertical blinds that are made of fabric. Because these are made of quality fabric, they’d tend to stack more neatly and smaller than if it was made of a harder material. When you draw these to the sides, they don’t tend to gather space and block your view. Another reason these vertical fabric blinds are essential is that they don’t make a lot of noise, especially when the day is windy or the room is air-conditioned.

Fitting vertical blinds on arched windows
Arched windows bring all of that and even more to a home when it comes to aesthetic appeal and style. The position of these windows in your home can make you want to cover them sometimes. It could be a handful if you try to use a vertical blind (super stressful!). A solution to this problem is to cut your custom blinds according to the size you need them to be. You can also make use of vertical blinds.

You might want to slow down on accessorizing
For some not-so-tall people, some windows are way out of reach, and because of how far there are, you could be tempted to accessorize with really long accessories. These accessories could be a potential health hazard. If you think the binds are too high up, you should consider using a remote. You have to keep it safe too.


Yes. Even though that window is crooked or in an odd place or too high up, you can fit them with vertical blinds. Use the tips you just read to your advantage, and you’d see that you’d have no problems using vertical blinds over a window or door. In summary, if they obstruct your perfect view, stack them to the sides. Don’t over-accessorize with long add-ons and use vertical fabric blinds when necessary.

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